Thinking of Testing the Job Market Waters? 12 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Taking the Plunge

Are you feeling under-appreciated at work, underpaid or simply dissatisfied? Perhaps you’re thinking about seeing what else is out there. Before you submit a resume, apply for a job or talk to your favorite recruiter, take stock of your abilities and accomplishments. Be prepared to sell yourself by asking and answering these twelve questions before you start looking around for a new opportunity.

  1. Did you help to increase sales, productivity or efficiency?
  2. Did you save your company money?
  3. Did you institute a new system or procedure?
  4. Did you identify a problem in your company that had been overlooked?
  5. Were you ever promoted?
  6. Did you train anyone?
  7. Did you suggest any new programs for your company that were put into effect?
  8. Did you help to establish any new goals or objectives for your company?
  9. Did you change, in any way, the nature of your job?
  10. Did you ever undertake an assignment or project that wasn’t part of your job just because you were intrigued with the problem?
  11. Did you ever do anything simply to make your own job easier?
  12. What would you say would be the most important qualities of the “ideal candidate” for the position you seek?

Even if you are a loyal employee, it never hurts to keep your resume up to date or to keep a running log of your accomplishments. The electric utilities market offers plenty of opportunity. Why not be ready if it knocks?